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"No publication
No money
No star
No fuck
a friend came over to the house
a few days ago and read one of my poems.
he came back today and asked to read the
same poem over again. after he finished
reading it, he said, 'It makes me want
to write poetry.'"

richard brautigan's Hey! This Is What It's All About


My favorites. I fave whatever catches my eye.


Once upon a time there were two hands:  the hand of hate and the hand of love.  They fought each other for no reason.  God cried.  The hand of hate ate the hand of love and digested it in its wrist.  The human that the hands were part of said "ow! ow! ow!" and went to the hospital.  In hospital, the human held a book with the hand of hate.  The hand of hate was slack with food-coma but the human was still able to hold things.  "I can never love anyone!  I'll never find anyone to love me now that I only have one hand!  What's more, the hand I have left is the less desirable hand, the hand of hate!" said the human later that night, crying in the fetal position.  The hand of hate acquired a Little Caesar's franchise.  The hand of hate was interviewed in the book Fast Food Nation.  The hand of hate was portrayed sympathetically, while Little Caesar's cuisine was not.  However, God sensed Fast Food Nation's book-waves with His/Her ESP.  One night, when the hand of hate was closing, He/She beamed it up to His/Her Godship.  Before an intergalactic tribunal, the hand of hate was sentenced to life in the land of Nod.  "Hooray!" said the hand of hate, "I don't have to live in reality!"  The human had no hands and was outfitted with robot-claws.  He suffered, discovered meaning, and hooray for him. 

It was Sam's turn.  She looked at Harry.  "Was this supposed to be funny?" she asked, referring to Harry's short story about two anthropomorphized missiles.  "Yes," said Harry.  "Well, it wasn't funny."  Harry laughed.  Harry stayed in his imagination most of the time and didn't care what Sam said.  He didn't care if she laughed or not.  His brain was a funny movie watching itself and he found the story funny and he believed he was more intelligent than Sam.  Liz said some things.  Sky said some things.  Sam felt paranoid feelings about her being the only person in the workshop who didn't like Harry's story.  She believed strongly in her own opinion, but also felt slightly insecure.  She didn't know why she was majoring in creative writing.  She thought everything she read in class was boring.  She stared at the whiteboard and thought about the good things she imagined people would say the next week when they read the first two chapters of her zombie apocalypse novel.  Her grammar was better than Harry's.  The smart guy in the class, Joel, mentioned something about a cave and Plato and Harry said yes, that was what he was trying to do.   


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